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Custom Manufacturing
Whether you are looking for a new molecule, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient or a complex intermediate, Ceres will locate a supplier with substantial chemical knowledge and expertise in support of your project. Our suppliers can handle even the most complex chemistry. Some examples are:
Acetal and Ketal formation Exchange Reactions
Acylations Formylation
Addition-Reactions Friedel-Crafts-Reactions
Aldol Reactions Fries Rearrangements
Alkylations Grignard Reactions
Amidations Halogenations
Aminations Hantzsch Synthesis
Azide Chemistry Hydride Reductions
Baeyer-Villiger Reactions Hydroformylations
Bechamp Reductions Hydrogenations
Beckmann Rearrangements Leuckart Reactions
Carboxylations Mannich Reactions
Catalytic Reductions (up to 12 bars) Metallations
Chlorosulfonations Michael Reactions
Claisen-Schmidt Mitsunobu Reactions
Condensations Nitrations
Coupling Reactions Nitrosations
Cryogenic Reactions Oxidations
Curtius Rearrangements Phase Transfer Reactions
Cyanations Phosgenations
Cyclizations Reductions
Cycloadditions Reformatsky Reactions
Decarboxylations Replacement Reactions
Dehalogenations Rosenmund Reductions
Dehydrations Salt-formations
Dehydrogenations Sandmeyer Reactions
Dehydrohalogenations Saponifications
Delepine Reactions Silylations
Desaminations Strecker Amino Acid Synthesis
Diazotisations Sulfonations
Epoxidations Transesterifications
Esterifications Williamson Synthesis
Ether Cleavage Wittig Reactions